Natasha Johnson

Software Engineer @ Township

I Front End Development.


If The Shoe Fits home page

If The Shoe Fits

Next.js 14 App RouterShopify Storefront APITypescriptGraphQLTailwindFormspree

A custom Shopify E-commerce storefront where shoe enthusiasts can shop for one of a kind sneakers and boots. Products are queried from the Shopify Storefront API using GraphQL. Users are redirected tdo Shopify checkout when completing to complete a purchase.

WHATS NXT home page


Next.js 14 App RouterSanityStripeTypescriptGROQTailwindFormspree

A custom e-commerce website built as a cheaper alternative platforms like Shopify. Products are queried using the GROQ query language from Sanity, payments are handled through Stripe, and contact form submissions are handled through Formspree.

Ten-23 Agency LLC home page

Ten-23 Agency LLC

Next.js 14 App RouterTypescriptTailwindFormspree

A custom website built for my Web Development Agency that showcases the websites I have created/revamped while freelancing for clients. Potential clients can browse the services offered, learn about my prices and send a message that will be delivered directly to my inbox.

1st & Third home page

1st & Third

ReactReact Router v6Context APIFake Store APIStyled Components

An E-Commerce website where the user can browse and filter products pulled from the Fake Store API based on category, price, and customer rating, sort products based on price and item name, and add/update products in the cart. The user is then able to checkout by filling in their contact information in the checkout form with added form validation. I utilized the Context API paired with reducers for global state management.



React Native






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